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Eden Zornitser (They/Them) [b.1995], is a visual artist and photographer based in Tel Aviv, Israel-Palestine. Their work encompasses themes such as identity, including queer identity, subcultures, belonging, and domesticity. They utilize analog large-format photography and experiment with the medium in the darkroom.



2018 – 2022   BFA - Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design (Cum Laude)   Jerusalem, IL
2021 – 2022   Intern - Indie Photography Group Gallery   Tel-Aviv, IL
2021               Erasmus Scholarship - Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design   Budapest, HU
2016 – 2017   EICAR – École des Métiers du Cinéma et de la Télévision   Paris, FR

Duo Exhibitions


9.3 - 30.3   'Neophytes'    The Artists' House    Tel Aviv, IL

Selected Group Exhibitions



23.3 - 16.4   'Es Muss Sein'    Binyamin Gallery    Tel Aviv, IL

19.1 - 8.2     'Tolerance through the Lens'    The Social Gallery, Dizengoff Center    Tel Aviv, IL


12.9 – 30.10   ‘Yotz’im La’or’   Lightbox Gallery   Tel Aviv-Jaffa, IL
18.8 – 2.9       ‘Body of Photography’   Braverman Gallery   Tel Aviv, IL
16.6 – 31.7     ‘Out of the Box #4’   ARTiq – Queer Art Center   Tel Aviv-Jaffa, IL
4.4 – 14.4       ‘Dedication Page’   SAIC- School of the Art Institute of Chicago   Chicago, USA


2023               Professional Development Program - Edmond de Rothchild Center    Tel Aviv, IL

Scholarships | Awards | Collections

2023    Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design    Yossi Milo Award    Jerusalem, IL
2023    Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design    Annual Excellence Award in Photography   Jerusalem, IL

2022   Private collection   Thesis project series: ‘You Could Be Me, I Could Be U’   Tel Aviv, IL
2022   The Print House (Rea Print House)   Scholarship for selected graduate students of photography   in Tel Aviv, IL

2021    Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design   Erasmus Scholarship   Budapest, HU
2021    Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design   Annual excellence award in photography   Jerusalem, IL


2022   ‘Blurring the Lines’   (shortlisted as a finalist)   Annual Catalogue 

News | Press

2022   “Through Their Eyes: A New Look at Israel’s Fringes”   'Haaretz' Newspaper   Tel Aviv, IL

2022   “Alumni 2022 // Photography”   Portfolio Magazine   Tel Aviv, IL 

2022   “One Moment which is all about Gender Fluidity”   'Haaretz' Newspaper   Tel Aviv, IL 

2022   “You Could be Me, I Could be U. About Eden Zornitser’s pictures”   A mű Magazine   Budapest, HU  

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