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2022- Ongoing

9.3.2024 - 30.3.2024

The Artists House, Tel Aviv, IL

Curated by Rona Yefman



Photography: Daniel Hanoch

In 2022, I started forming my second portrait series with the queer community locally and abroad using a large format camera. Currently ongoing, the project explores the concept of transition and liminality. Through photographing queer individuals, I delve into the ritual of identity and the meaning of being in a state of change. Neophytes are beings who are neither fully part of a specific place nor class but in a state of transition.

The project is shot analogically on a 4x5 large format.

עדן זורניצר_רויו_תל אביב_2024.jpg

Royo, Tel Aviv, 2024

25 1/2" x 20 1/2" (65 cm x 52 cm)

 Analog color photography, Archival inkjet print


11.4.2024 - 20.4.2024

Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL

Curated by Keren Zaltz



What's Up // Eden Zornitser, Portfolio Magazine, Tel Aviv, IL

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