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You Could Be Me,
I Could Be U


2.7.2022 - 22.7.2022

Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, IL

Curated by Ilanit Konopny

תערוכת גמר.jpg

My photography looks at the body, its positioning, its relationship with the environment, the “gaze” of the subject at the camera, and mine alike. I am interested in the way people choose to characterise themselves, the way they "signify" themselves, their personalities. I examine what those signs tell the eye of the observer, whether our representation or our appearance serve as an "armour", in an attempt to locate the point at which it begins to wear off.


My project deals with a group of people which I documented over the course of a year while developing a dialogue between us, out of a prism that examines the self as a flowing, dynamic and ever-changing entity, arising from a desire to encourage the possibility of gender fluidity, at the heart of which lies freedom of choice.


In my media, I seek to break through the boundaries of familiar definitions to allow fluidity to become present, and ultimately, to offer an entry point of looking at a person.

The project was shot analogically on a 6x6 Hasselblad and a 35mm.

Body of Photography

18.8.2022 - 2.9.2022

Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL

Curated by David Adika



Blurring the Lines  (finalist)



Blurring the Lines_Page_1jpg.jpg
Tulip and Milan_2021.jpg

Tulip and Milan, Givatayim, 2021, 34 1/4 in x 34 1/4 in (87 cm x 87 cm), Archival inkjet print

מוסף גלריה עם תיקוני צבע small 2_1.jpg
מוסף אנגלית עם תיקוני צבע small_1.jpg
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